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At the Law Office of Farid Ahmed, we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients, and we believe a solid attorney-client relationship is key to a successful defense. Your situation requires a lawyer who will be both tough in litigation and compassionate in your moment of need.

We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know, and represent our clients’ interests. We know that no two cases are the same and understand the frustration, stress, and fear of what you are facing. It is our mission to help our clients feel confident and that our defense can meet their needs.

Farid Ahmed

At the Law Offices of Farid Ahmed, we specialize in immigration services. Mr. Farid Ahmed has 15 years of experience defending immigrants in deportation or removal proceedings.

At the Law Offices of Farid Ahmed, we are dedicated to provide clients with the highest level of quality representation, no matter the charges throughout New York, Connecticut, and federal courts.

At the Law Offices of Farid Ahmed, we can help you recover from your losses: injuries, medical bills, or loss of income. We offer a free consultation for personal injury cases.

Attorney Farid Ahmed is an excellent, professional and experienced lawyer. He is able to solve a very difficult problem easily. It is not possible to explain his expertise in short sentences. So you can consult with him for better results.

Mohammad Bhuiyan

Law Office of Farid Ahmed is the best law firm. One of my friends had legal trouble, but Mr. Farid Ahmed ended the case professionally and quickly. Now my friend has no fear.I recommend Mr. Farid Ahmed for all kinds of legal problems.

Kawsar Madani

Farid Ahmed indeed one of the best criminal defense attorney I know. I was falsely accused of multiple felonies and he got all the charges drop down to minor violations. This saved my Green Card status, prevented jail time and imminent deportation. I would highly recommend Farid Ahmed’s legal counsel.

Ashifuk Islam

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